Tuesday, 18 April 2017

How to Remove Arcadetab.com Browser Hijacker?

What is arcadetab.com?
Arcadetab is a suspicious ad-on. It is a browser hijacker which collects your personal information and sells it for advertising. This PUP can enter your PC as a bundled program with another software that you might have downloaded from the internet. Once this hijacker infects your computer, it changes your homepage and search engine.

How harmful is this for your computer?
1. Once it infects your computer, it redirects your browser search and changes the search engine to http://int.search.myway.com/
2. It also collects all your personal information and sells it for advertising.
3. It displays several pop-up ads.

Targeted Browsers
Arcadetab.com typically targets the following three web browsers:
1. Mozilla Firefox
2. Google Chrome
3. Internet Explorer

How to Remove arcadetab.com using ArcadeTab_RemovalTool?
1. Download “ArcadeTab_RemovalTool” by visiting the following link:
2. Open the tool.
3. When prompted, click ‘Yes’ to run the program.
4. After the launch of the setup, click ‘Next’ on the window that appears.
5. In the subsequent window, press ‘Y’ to start the scanning process.
6. In the next screen, press ‘Y’ to allow the tool to close all the browsers and carry on the cleaning process.
7. The removal process is now completed. You can check the logs of the deleted files in the text file which appears after the removal process.
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