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Friday, 21 April 2017

CreateDocsOnline Hijacker Removal Guide &Tool

What is CreateDocsOnline?
CreateDocsOnline is a browser hijacker which portraits itself as a legitimate browser extension, but actually, it harms your computer’s performance and slows down your browser. Its doubtful activities include stealth installation and tracking of user’s browsing activities which makes this application harmful.

How does it get into your computer?
CreateDocsOnline usually comes bundled with some freeware software that you might have downloaded from the internet. Clicking on some unknown links and ads can also lead to the installation of this browser hijacker.

Behavioral Changes
The various changes which occur due to the installation of CreateDocsOnline are:
1. CreateDocsOnline once installed, replaces the default settings of the homepage.
2. It installs unnecessary thumbnails with various conversion buttons.
3. Whenever you search anything through the search engine, the search is redirected to
4. It slows down the computers browsing speed.
5. CreateDocsOnline can lead to tracking of user’s surfing history.

Targeted Browsers
The targeted browsers of CreateDocsOnline are:
1. Google Chrome
2. Mozilla Firefox

How to Remove ‘CreateDocsOnline’ using CreateDocsOnline_RemovalTool?
1. Download CreateDocsOnline_RemovalTool.
2. Windows will prompt you to allow running this program. Select ‘Yes’ to confirm.
3. When the setup is launched, click ‘Next’ on the window that appears.
4. In the next screen that appears, type ‘Y’ for ‘Yes’ to start the scanning process.
5. In the next screen, type ‘Y’ for ‘Yes’ to automatically close all the browsers and continue the cleaning process.
6. Wait for the removal process till its completed.