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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

How to Remove Hijacker?

What is is an extension for your browser which claims to provide quick access to various movies online. Although, it is actually a browser hijacker which controls and plays with your browser settings. It changes the homepage and new tab page of your browser to It silently installs various third-party applications and browser plug-ins. It significantly diminishes the web browsing experience.

Malicious Behavior
If you’ve accidentally installed this browser hijacker on your system, you’ll notice the following behavior:
1. The homepage and new tab page of your browser have been changed to
2. When you type anything in the search box, you are redirected to
3. The browsing speed of your web browser has significantly been slowed down.
4. Numerous annoying banner ads related to online stores, such as eBay, Amazon, etc. are displayed on the browser.

Targeted Browsers typically targets the following three browsers:
1. Mozilla Firefox
2. Google Chrome
3. Internet Explorer

How to Remove using MovieCornerRemovalTool?
1. Download “MovieCornerRemovalTool” by going through the following link:
2. Now, open the tool.
3. Click on ‘Yes’ to run the program when the Windows prompt appears.
4. When the setup launches, click ‘Next’ on the window which appears.
5. In the subsequent screen, hit ‘Y’ key to start the scanning process.
6. In the next screen, hit ‘Y’ key to allow the tool to close all the browsers and carry on the cleaning process.
7. The removal process is completed. You can read the text file which appears after the removal process to check the logs of the deleted files.

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