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Thursday, 20 April 2017

How to Remove ConvertPDFsNow Browser Hijacker?

What is ConvertPDFsNow?
ConvertPDFsNow is a toolbar, which allow users to convert various file formats into pdf format. This application falls into PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) category and is considered as a browser hijacker. Once installed, this application automatically changes the browser settings of the existing browser. Users are forced to visit other websites, even if the user has no intention to visit them. It is a threat to your personal information.

How it enters the PC?
ConvertPDFsNow comes bundled with free online software.

How malicious is it?
1. ConvertPDFsNow creeps into your system and changes the browser settings. When attempts are made to change them, it reverts back to the previous settings.
2. It displays unnecessary banners and coupons on the browser.
3. It also displays pop-up ads and links to various ad sites.
4. The extension leads to inappropriate results while browsing.
5. It can also redirect the user to unnecessary websites.

Detected Behavior
If you’ve accidentally become a victim to ConvertPDFsNow, you’ll notice the following behavior:
1. Whenever you launch the infected browser, you’ll notice that the homepage has been changed.
2. The default search engine has been changed to
3. Whenever you type anything in the search box, it would start the search using its own search engine.

Targeted Browsers
ConvertPDFsNow targets major browsers like:
1. Internet Explorer (IE)
2. Google Chrome
3. Mozilla Firefox

Removing ConvertPDFsNow using ConvertPDFsNow_RemovalTool
1. Download ConvertPDFsNow_RemovalTool.
2. Double click on the tool icon to open it.
3. When the setup launches, click ‘Next’ on the window which appears.
4. In the following screen, type ‘Y’ for ‘Yes’ to begin the scanning process.
5. In the next screen that appears, type ‘Y’ for ‘Yes’ to automatically close all the browsers and continue the process of cleaning.
6. Wait for the removal process to get completed. You can now check, the logs of the deleted files in the text file which appears after the removal process.