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Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Ecosia | Ecosia Virus Removal Tool | Virus Remover

Ever noticed that your chrome, firefox, IE or Edge browsers homepage has been changed or having a new search engine as homepage? If yes then your browser is definitely infected by some kind of browser hijacker or by a browser virus which most likely have entered in your system by bundling itself with any third party software which you might have downloaded from a website. Ecosia Virus is classified as a browser hijacker which comes from the family of malware. It adds various pop-ups, plug-ins , extensions and ads to your browser. 

Ecosia HomePage

The makers of this malicious program, published or launched this as a browser virus which will infect your browsers default settings and in turn will apply an anonymous homepage as your default homepage. As per the sources this virus have already infected more than 9 million users but they have helped Indonesia, madagascar, peru and tanzania by planting trees in enormous number with the help of their 5.5 million active users but still this is considered as a virus and a Potentially unwanted program (PUP).

Targeted Browsers of this virus:
  1. Google Chrome 
  2. Mozilla Firefox
  3. Internet Explorer
     What will do to malfunction the system:
  1. It will install and will automatically download various malicious extensions that in turn will bring spam ads, deals and fake alert everywhere on your browser.
  2. Over consumption of CPU will slow down your PC performance and this over consumption is done because of this virus.
  3. It downloads various infections in the background.
  4. It exploits bugs of your system to help hacker get inside your computer remotely.
  5. It also tracks users' searches, visited sites, IP address, and similar information. Collected data helps in setting the behavioral marketing strategy.
How Ecosia infects on your PC?

  1. Bundling / Freeware - This virus bundles itself with other third party software and enters in your PC and is installed as a PUP.
  2. Malicious links/websites - Always be very cautious in surfing on internet and on clicking on any link or site as some sites always offer useful extensions but in turn will install malicious browser hijackers.
  3. Spam Email- Double-check any new emails and text messages before you respond to them, especially if they have files attached with them or if they contain shady-looking links. If you think that the new message might be spam, make sure to avoid it and delete it if you can.

How to remove Internet Ecosia? 
 If you want to know the removal steps on how to remove Ecosia virus then do check the link given.
It also has a free malware removal tool to remove all kinds of malware and virus.