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Friday, 21 April 2017 Browser hijacker (Virus) Removal Guide & Tool

What is is a browser extension. As the name suggests, it claims to allow you to convert your PDF files into other formats. It redirects you to other websites which are full of advertisements. It also changes the homepage and search engine. If you find this extension on your browser, you are suggested to remove it quickly.

How enters your system? can enter your system while you download free online software. The hijacker is usually bundled with these free software. The hijacker can also enter your PC while clicking on random links and ads or through spam email attachments.

How malicious is it?
1. virus is a browser hijacker which disguises itself as a handy browser extension.
2. It initiates unwelcomed ads and redirects to new URLs.
3. It makes your computer unresponsive and affect the operation of other programs.

Detected Behavior
If your system is infected by this browser hijacker, then you’ll notice the following behavior:
1. This browser hijacker sets its own search engine and homepage on your browser.
2. It slows down your browsing speed.
3. It redirects you to those URLs which you have no intention of visiting.

Targeted Browsers
The targeted browsers of are:
1. Google Chrome
2. Mozilla Firefox
3. Internet Explorer

How to remove from your computer Using ConvertMyPDF.co_RemovalTool?
1. Download ConvertMyPDF.co_RemovalTool.
2. Open the tool by double clicking on its icon.
3. Windows will prompt you to allow running this program. Select ‘Yes’ to continue.
4. When the setup launches, click ‘Next’ button on the window that opens.
5. In the next screen that appears, type ‘Y’ (Yes) and hit enter to initiate the scanning process.
6. Close all your browsers and in the subsequent screen, type ‘Y’ to begin the cleaning process.
7. Wait for a while and you’re done.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

How to Remove Easyfileconvert Hijacker?

What is Easyfileconvert?
Easyfileconvert is a browser hijacker which if installed in our PC can put the whole PC at a severe threat. It has the ability of altering the browser’s settings on its own. It claims to carry some important features but instead it redirects the search engine, displays excessive ads, and changes the default homepage. The hijacker can get installed by clicking on an unknown or an arbitrary link.

How did it get there?
There is a very high possibility of you clicking on an unknown or an arbitrary link or button which led to the entry of this browser hijacker into your system. The hijacker can also enter during the installation of any software.
So if your browsers are getting redirected to new tab URL or the homepage has been set to “”, then it is confirm that your browser has been hijacked with Easyfileconvert.

Detected Behavior
In case the system have been infected with Easyfileconvert, then you will notice the following changes:
1. You are redirected to the various ad sites automatically.
2. Huge number of pop ups and banners appear on your browser.
3. Your browser settings are changed automatically.

Targeted Browsers
The targeted browsers of Easyfileconverter are:
1. Internet Explorer
2. Google Chrome
3. Mozilla Firefox

How to Remove Easyfileconvert Using EasyFileConvert_RemovalTool?
1. To remove Easyfileconvert from your system, first download EasyFileConvert_RemovalTool.
2. Double click on the tool to open it.
3. A window will pop up on your system. Click on “Yes”, to continue.
4. A setup window will launch, click on the “Next” button.
5. Type “Y” (Yes) in the displayed screen to start the scanning process.
6. Close all your browsers (if open) and type “Y” (Yes) in the current screen to continue the cleaning process.
7. CONGRATULATIONS!!! The hijacker has been removed.