Friday, 18 August 2017

Why is it necessary to keep our PC secured?

In this super modern and technology driven world, computers are the most important things in our lives. Computer security is important, mainly to keep your information protected and healthy. The data and files saved on our computer needs to specially saved as they can be infected with some browser hijacker which comes bundled with some software you may have unintentionally downloaded.
Another major threat is when you open any unknown attachments and links which came along in your emails. These attachments and links can be potential viruses and other malware to your system. The best way to avoid these adware and attachment is to find a good adware removal tool.
Major issues come from Cyber criminals, hackers, and identity thieves which are the real danger and threat to your online system. Your computer can be attacked with adware, trojan, viruses. How to safe guard your computer from all of them? Answer- Your computer should always have adequate firewalls, antivirus software, virtual private networks, and intrusion prevention.
Tips to keep your computer secure
1.       Always install Operating System updates-n order for your computer to operate smoothly and safely it is imperative that all users install updates, especially security updates, as they are released.
2.       Keep your installed applications up-to-date- click the button being highlighted to allow it to be updated. This is especially true for web browsers, which are commonly targeted by malicious code on web sites.
3.       Install and be sure to update your anti-virus software-Is it also important to install a  free malware removal tool and additionally to have a Trojan virus remover to make sure the system is maximum protected.

What is Browser hijacker and how to remove it?

Browser hijacker is a malware that downloads multiple extensions in the browser, which would redirect the user to advertisements or show fake security warnings which would force the user to install programs infected with malwares. It is a kind of malware similar to Adware as it does the same thing but the way it initiates is different. With the help of any trojan virus remover one can easily remove all kinds of trojan virus also which belongs to the family of malware only. Other than displaying pop-ups on the screen it can also record key logs which would collect data from user’s computer like user id and password, credit card details or any other confidential files and report them to malware authors.

How to fix hijacked browser?

1.  Get an ad-blocker: Pop-ups and advertisements have become quickest and most reliable resources for the hackers to hijack computers. So, we would recommend ad blocker plus from the windows store, which can prevent some of the advertisements from coming on the screen. Ad blockers can prevent the redirected links to initiate this way it could prevent the malware infected programs from getting into the computer.
2.  Recommended Updates: All the programs must be running on the latest update. As with latest updates the security programs stand a better chance to detect the latest active malwares and quarantine it.
3.  Third party installation: Avoid installing programs from untrusted websites because malware is bounded with such programs or these kinds of websites might be corrupted with malwares.
4.  Log out of all Banking websites, social websites. As all the personal data would be vulnerable if the user is on a public network.
5.  Use authentic firewall, anti-adware and anti-virus: We recommend installing an antivirus like “McAfee or a good malware removal tool like “adware Removal tool” or “free malware removal tool. Apart from this we would suggest a regular updating of these software’s to detect and avoid latest infections.

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Easy Ways To Remove Malware From Your Computer | Free Malware Removal Tool

How to remove malware?

It’s not that computers are always infected, it can also be a hardware issue. But, how do we know when it’s infected, it’s not an easy task to say if a computer is compromised or not because these day’s hackers have gone to great extent to hide their code. However here are few suggestions which might suggest that the computer has been compromised. Their are many kinds of malware and adware being one of them. In order to remove adware many users are searching online for adware removal tool.

Signs of infection:

1.     Computers starts running very slow, frequent crashes, hangs and unresponsive at times.
2.     Advertisements pop-ups display on screen out of nowhere.
3.     Programs we don’t recognize are installed on our computer.
4.     Default page on the web browser is changed.
5.     Unusual messages giving security warning and asking us to install a program to fix it.
6.     Access to security related websites are restricted.
Steps to remove malware:

1.     Safe mode: Before fixing the computer, we must be sure that we are not connected to internet anymore this way we know that none of our details will be leaked online. So why do we enter safe mode? Because in safe mode all the third-party applications are disabled this way we can do the proper cleaning of the malicious programs.
2.     Eliminate temporary files:  Now as we are in safe mode we would want to run an anti-virus like McAfee or a strong malware removal tool like freemalware removal tool, but before that we will clean the temporary files which would speed up the malware removal process. To run the disk cleanup utility, we would first press the windows key and type disk cleanup and run the tool to delete the temporary junk files.
3.     Download an Anti-virus or Anti-malware: Now as our computer is all set to run the malware removal tool but the most important question many of would as, which one is the best? What we would recommend is McAfee or a good malware removal tool like free malware removal tool.
4.     Installation: We will now install the programs again that were corrupted by the infection and take protective steps to prevent malware from getting on our computer. We need to have the latest update on our operating system and have the latest anti-malware or anti-virus so that it would detect the recent infection and delete them before the infection spreads on our computer.
     Trojan, you all might have heard this word a lot.
In order to remove trojan users are now a days searching for some online free removal tools and the searches are going high on trojan virus remover.